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Ursula Walter exposeert / Ursula Walter exhibits

Fatima Barznge, 004 collective, Andre Dekker, Thomas Fißler, Rao Fu, Antye Guenther, Bertram Haude, Maarten Janssen, Andreas Kempe, Daniel Kestel, Wilma Kun, Judy van Luyk, Christoph Rodde, Maritza Studart, Patricia Westerholz, Kathrin Wolkowicz

Neck of the Woods
Heer Bokelweg 157, 3032 AD Rotterdam

open: Thu 15—19
Fri/Sat 13—17
and by appointment
(contact: 0614892243)

Opening: 25.05.2024, 18:00
Introduction: Susanne Altmann

Finissage: 22.06.2024, 18:00
with a lecture performance by Antye Guenther

Gallery Ursula Walter - in Rotterdam! Eight artists from Saxony are coming to Rotterdam to present their work together with eight local colleagues - it remains a surprise what they will conjure out of their luggage and what will be on display! Since 2018, Dutch artists have played an important role in the programme of Galerie Ursula Walter in Dresden. The artist in residence programme of the partner cities Dresden and Rotterdam and the resulting intensive meetings have now led to an open and broad network. At the same time, the exhibition at Neck of the Woods in Rotterdam is the culmination of the 10th anniversary of the project space Galerie Ursula Walter. What could be better than celebrating this together with guests and also being a guest in the neighbouring country?

A collaboration with Goethe-Institut Niederlande in the framework of Begegnungen // Ontmoetingen and with CBK Rotterdam. This exhibition is supported by Freistaat Sachsen in the framework of the campaign "So geht Sächsisch".







So proud to be part of Kunstlicht Volume 44, N.4, "Between the Standing and the Inclined - Structures supoorting Change"!

Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and I have contributed with a text in interview-format, "One who eats bread with another".

You can order this beautiful magazine here:


or at an art bookshop of your choice.







It has been a fine evening looking back at Passages en passant´s exhibition program and the row of small publications.

At Art Office, you can read Wilke Marten´s beautiful article about Passages en passant´s final event :




- - -



Next Thursday, 14.03.2024, you are cordially invited to

'Looking back on Passages en passant'

Please join us for Passages en passant's FINAL event:

Thursday 14.3.2024
doors open: 18:30
start: 19:00

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam

Passages en passant was a series of exhibitions in the corridor of the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam in which each time the works of two artists were in dialogue with each other. In six exhibitions, which took place between 2021 and 2023, artists were invited with another artist in the institute's passageway space, to show their work and research outside their own artistic practice, with each other and the space. Each exhibition was also the subject of an interview and a small publication.

This evening we want to look back on the project and engage in conversation with the participating artists and writers and see, what footprint Passages has left behind. The conversation will be moderated by Marie Dikker.

With Fatima Barznge & Mirjam Somers, Rachel Carey & Barbara Helmer, Laurien Dumbar & Heleen Schröder, Hieke Pars & Gert Rietveld, Lucie Havel & Dico Kruijsse/Carolin Lange, Benjamin Earl & Daniela de Paulis; Eva Visser, Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, Dagmar Baumann and Heyer Thurnheer.

This exhibition series is organised in cooperation with CBK R'dam.


- - -


Performative talk for the book Launch of Kunstlicht Magazine,"Between the Standing and the Inclined: Structures Supporting Change", FramerFramed, Amsterdam 2024



- - -




Launch of new issue of Kunstlicht magazine

21 Feb 2024
19:00 - 21:00

On 21 February 2024, Framer Framed hosts the launch of the new issue of Kunstlicht magazine, Between the Standing and the Inclined: Structures Supporting Change.

In this issue, the magazine examines the infrastructure and professional practice of artists. Using ‘support’ to speak of all that sustains and shapes an art practice, they ask: What allows someone to stand as an artist and art professional today? What opportunities exist for collective action and self-empowerment?

Manuela Zammit en Alina Lupu, Dina from Egypt en Kathrin Wolkowicz and the guest editors Angela Serino and Maja Bekan.

Guest-editors of this issue
Maja Bekan and Angela Serino, with contributions by Manuela Zammit and Alina Lupu, Patricia Healy McMeans, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and Kathrin Wolkowicz, Multiple Choice, Irena Bori?, Mari Kalabegashvili, Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir, Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodriguez, Toni Kritzer.

Kunstlicht is an academic journal for art, visual culture, and architecture. Three issues are published each year; two single issues and one double issue, each focusing on one specific theme. The journal was founded in 1980.

The editorial board consists of students and alumni of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with diverse research interests. The journal has been completely volunteer-run from top to bottom since its beginning. The journal is affiliated with the Arts and Culture department at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, but operates as an autonomous foundation. Kunstlicht is designed by Corine van der Wal.

Framer Framed
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS, Amsterdam




- - -


drawing for the Kunstlicht contribution "One who eats bread with another"


Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and I have conducted a couple of conversations which have been woven into an interview for Kunstlicht magazine. The new issue "Between the Standing and the Inclined - Structures Supporting Change" features our text on companionship, "One who eats bread with another".

The first launch will take place at CASCO, Utrecht, on 20.01.2024; the second will be at FramerFramed, Amsterdam.


Lisa Marie Sneijder

Guest editors
Angela Serino And Maja Bekan

Contributions by
Manuela Zammit and Alina Lupu, Patricia Healy Mcmeans, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and Kathrin Wolkowicz, Dina From Egypt, Irena Bori?, Mari Kalabegashvili,Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir, Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez,Toni Kritzer

Studio Corine van der Wal, Hanna Smoliienko


Read more here:



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1 SQUARE METER exhibition at Borgerstraat Studios during Art Rotterdam Week, 2023, curated by 004 collective

It has been a marvellous weekend with all visitors and participants of 1 SQUARE METER! 004 collective (Baumann, Thurnheer, Wolkowicz) would like to thank everyone involved!


- - -



004 collective - 1 SQUARE METER

This year, 004-collective presents an immersive publication installation in their studio during ART ROTTERDAM WEEK 2024.
In a labyrinth-like setting, book-objects are arranged on shelves, tables and furniture, ­as an invitation to experience the visual complexity of concrete art production related to book and publishing.

As exhibition making collective, they are thrilled to make contributions by invited artists, designers, (self)publishers and writers part of a unique show with their love and interest for discourse: Art Collart, Bernd Krauss, Bored Wolves, Stefano Calligaro, Samia Henni, EinBuchHaus, Elia Varini, Elias Dörig,Emma Hedditch & Ane Østrem, Godelieve Spaas & Frank Kupers, Hans Peter Feldmann, Hans Walgenbach, Hillegon Brunt, Idoine, Inez Odijk, Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, Jeong Haw Min, Jo Frenken, Johannes Langkamp, Laure Catugier, LizanFreijsen, Luca Mengoni, Lucy Lippard, Mareike Jacobi, Markus Zimmermann, Martin Schepers, Maud van den Beuken, Michael van Kekem, Nobuko Hayashi, Patricía Pinheiro de Sousa, PrintRoom Rotterdam, Rachel Carey, Rosie Heinrich, Ruth Moro, Stephan Wittmer, Stijn van Dorpe & Sarah Késsene, Yvonne van den Herik, _957 Magazine, Borgerstraat Publications.

You are warmly welcome to pass by, enjoy and share your experiences with us.

2-4 February 2024
Fri-Sun 10-19h

Studios Borgerstraat
Borgerstraat 24
3027EB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

instagram: 004collective

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Gestures of water, performance piece by Regin Igloria & Kathrin Wolkowicz, Chicago/Rotterdam, as part of Intercity performance festival, 2023

photos: Gerwin Luijendijk, Savic Sharp



- - -



Please feel warmly invited to a new performance piece as part of INTERCITY – Live Art on the Streets.

Chicago based artist Regin Igloria and I have developed the piece „Gestures of water“ that we will be performing simultaneously in Rotterdam, Maashaven Oostzijde and Horner Park, Chicago.

It would be incredible to see you at one of the locations!


Location Kathrin:

NL, Rotterdam, Maashaven Oostzijde (close to the Watertaxi pier near Maashaven Metro)


19:00-20:00 CET

For those located in the US:

you can find Regin at the bridge in Horner Park (W Montrose Ave)

same day, 30.09.2023, 12:00-13:00 CST

If you want to follow online:


More information:




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It has been such a nice time to celebrate GRAW 2023!


We are so proud and glad to show wonderful murals by Elia Varini and stunning objects by Rachel A. Carey, alongside 3 inserts by Dagmar Baumann, Heyer Thurnheer and Kathrin wolkowicz.

A huge THANK YOU by Borgerstraat Open Studios!!

You can find out more about artists´s work here:




- - -

Welcome to our Open Studio during GRAW (Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend) 2023!!!

On September 16&17 2023, 004collective will open its studio. We have invited Elia Varini and Rachel Carey to collaborate with us on this edition of GRAW 2023.

Hope to see you then!

Borgerstraat 24

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

open 11-18h




- - -







A Croaky Sound, exhibition views, Growing Space, Rotterdam Charlois, 2023 with Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni, Coralie Guillaubez, Pascale Riou, Idoine



- - -

A Croaky Sound

Coralie Guillaubez

Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni

Pascale Riou


Kathrin Wolkowicz

'A Croaky Sound' is the first collaborative exhibition of Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni, Coralie Guillaubez, Pascale Riou, Idoine and Kathrin Wolkowicz. For Growing Space, they are inventing a scenario with daily life objects and material from their publishing practices in resonance with the Wielewaal habitat/biotop.

You are warmly invited to linger with us on

Expansion Day, 23.06.2023 from 18:00 onwards

in the company of the four artists and of some self-published books.

The show is on display day and night: 15.06.-02.07.2023

Growing Space

corner Eelkmanstraat/Marjoleinstraat

Wielewaal, Charlois, Rotterdam

More info:



- - -

Exhibition views of HAL/Het Archief, Rotterdam 2023



- - -


HAL - Hilton Art Lab Rotterdam 

I am very glad to be part of the the fluid exhibition at HAL at Het Archief!

On invitation by Herman Lamers, I will present some new works with tape on laundry racks.

Participating artists in HAL´s last exhibition: Herman Lamers: Down Upside. Kathrin Wolkowicz: Installation. Nino Purtskhvanidze: Stock Photos, Peter Redert: 9 large scale paintings, Frans Verschoor: video, Dineke van Huizen: painting installation, Martijn te Winkel: glass painings, Willem Speekenbrink: Installation: "Their glorie shall not be blotted out" . Niek Verschoor: installation: "Remember Polina...", Hans Wilschut: 2 videos Suez and Atlantis of Galicia Jasper de Haas: arhitecture model.

Opening 21 Apr 2023 | Fri | 15.00-17.00⁠, open Sat-Sun 13.00-17.00

Finissage 28 Apr 2023 | Fri | 17.00-20.00⁠, ⁠, open Sat-Sun 13.00-17.00


Het Archief

Robert Fruinstraat 58

Rotterdam, NL


- - -



Passages en passant #6

An exhibition project in the corridor of Goethe-Institute Rotterdam
presenting works by Daniela de Paulis and Benjamin Earl.
Feel warmly welcome to visit!

Opening 10.3.2023, 17:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00-21:00 and Fri 10:00-14:30 and on appointment

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam

Supported by CBK Rotterdam and Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

More information:

- - -



Water (maintenance material), performance at the opening night of the exhibition On Geometry, Ursula Walter, Dresden 2023

photos: Anja Schneider



- - -


Opening Performance for ON GEOMETRY at Ursula Walter

On Friday 3.2.2023, 6 pm, I will do the opening performance for Fatima Barznges exhibition ON GEOMETRY at Galerie Ursula Walther, Dresden.

Feel most welcome to visit us!


Neustädter Markt 10 I Am Goldenen Reiter I 01097 Dresden

open: thur-fr 3-6 pm, sa 12-4 pm and by arragenment

contact: 0152 53633619 I www.galerieursulawalter.de

photo credits: Andreas Kempe

- - -



Passages en passant #5
01.12.-23.12.2022 and 09.01.-19.01.2023

The exhibition project Passages en passant rolls out for the 5th time in the corridor of Goethe-Institute Rotterdam. This time, we are presenting works by Lucie Havel and Carolin Lange/Dico Kruijsse. Over the next few months, as part of Goethe Investigating, we are inviting artists to research outside their own artistic practice with each other and the space.

Feel warmly welcome to visit!
Mon-Fri 10:00-14:30

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam

Supported by CBK Rotterdam and Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

More information:




- - -



"abseil" - magazine

Fresh off the press: The 141st edition of _957 Magazine "abseil",
commissioned by Redaktion _957, Lucerne.

Superhappy to put together a whole booklet with works of mine,
photographed by Jan Adriaans and Matthijs van Gent in the beautiful
spaces of Pictura, Dordrecht, and a text by Dagmar Baumann!


Distribution by Redaktion _957 / Stephan Wittmer

24 pages, full colour print, 15 CHF

You can order a copy via:



- - -




Passages en passant #4

The exhibition project Passages en passant rolls out for the 4th time in the corridor of Goethe-Institute Rotterdam. This time, we are presenting works by Gert Rietveld and Hieke Pars. Over the next few months, as part of Goethe Investigating, we are inviting artists to research outside their own artistic practice with each other and the space.

Feel warmly welcome to visit!
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00-21:00 and Fri 10:00-14:30

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam

Supported by CBK Rotterdam and Goethe-Institut Rotterdam

More information:



- - -




Opening of the exhibition abseiling with book launch abseil, Redaktion &_957 Magazine, Lucerne Switzerland



- - -



A warm welcome to Lucerne!

If you are around, have a peek at Redaktion _957 for the freshly printed "abseil" issue plus exhibition!

Would be lovely to meet you there!




- - -




Exhibition views of Settings. Maria Ikonomopoulou, Fatima Barznge and Kathrin Wolkowicz; Pictura, Dordrecht, 2022

Photos: Jan Adriaans, Mathijs van Gent



- - -





You are cordially invited to this upcoming exhibition with works by Fatima Barznge, Maria Ikonomopoulou and me.

Open Wed-Sun 13:00-17:00
Opening: 11.6.2022, 15:00 with an introduction by Dagmar Baumann

PICTURA, Voorstraat 190, 3311 ES Dordrecht




- - -




20-22 May 2022

Opening 20.05.2022 at 17:00

Studios Borgerstraat is a number of artists working in a studio building in Rotterdam Spangen. During our Open Studios, we present works by resident artists, collective Atelier Unie Rotterdam and invited guest artists. We aim to create unique collaborations with a diversity of individuals and collectives in the field of art, design and unexpected contributions. We strive to unfold and reconnect to traces of ongoing movements and aspirations in the field of art and design and now.

Feel most welcome to visit us!

Studios Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, NL




- - -




Passages en passant #3

An exhibition project in the corridor of Goethe-Institute Rotterdam
presenting works by Laurien Dumbar and Heleen Schröder.
Feel warmly welcome to visit!

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10:00-14:30 and on appointment

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam

More information:



- - -




My self-published book "Re-Relating in art practice" is out and slowly and steadily finds it way into the public!

If you would like to follow this process, please see my instagram: kathrin_wolkowicz


Re-Relating in art practice has been printed in offset, 96 pages, released on 17.12.2021. With contributions by

Myriam van Imschoot, Andrea Callard, Toine Horvers, Heyer Thurnheer, Marcus Bergner, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Dagmar Baumann, Caroline Godart, Walter Forsberg, Edward Clydesdale Thomson, Norbert Weimer, Lynette Smith, Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni, Synonym2, Rachel Carey, Elias Dörig


Would you like to order a copy? Just sent me an e-mail.





- - -


Thanks for following our booklaunch online! Glad about the dedicated viewers and passionate participants who joined online!



- - -




- Live stream -

Book launch Re-Relating in art practice

19:00 CET

I am thrilled to present the publication "Re-Relating in art practice", which has been three years in the making due to Corona obstacles, and is now happily available, hot off the press.
Created as a self-publishing project, the book reflects the relationships between the artworks and art practice of a group of artists presented in text and image. It is conceived as an "exhibition" in book format, which brings up this "in-between space" in texts by various authors and makes the field of interaction visible and tangible.

In the presence of participating artists and authors, this book will now be presented and its birthday celebrated, so to speak, accompanied and moderated by Bérénice Staiger.

Hurrrahhh! We cordially invite you to this book presentation and birthday celebration.

The book presentation will take place online. You can join us via this streaming-link:



The contributors to this publication are:
Myriam van Imschoot (BE), Andrea Callard (US), Toine Horvers (NL), Heyer Thurnheer (CH,NL), Marcus Bergner (AU,BE), Kathrin Wolkowicz (DE,NL), Dagmar Baumann (DE,NL), Caroline Godart (BE), Walter Forsberg (US), Edward C. Thomson (GB,DK,NL), Norbert Weimer (DE), Lynette Smith (AU), Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni (FR), Synonym2(net), Rachel Carey (US,NL), Elias Dörig (CH)

With thanks to Stichting Droom en Daad, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Gemeente Rotterdam, CBK Rotterdam and Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, as well as to all the individual people who helped this book project to its final realisation via crowdfunding.


Practical info:

This event will be held in English.




- - -






Incredibly glad to announce that the crowdfunding for the book Re-Relating in art practice has succeeded!!!

Thank you for your kind support and trust in this publication project! A special thank you goes to everyone who donated so generously!!! Including Gemeente Rotterdam and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. And thanks to Voordekunst.nl for facilitating this.

Thanks to the crowdfunding outcome, the funding for the realization of the book has been completed and the the printing process has started – so exciting!

The publication will be launched before the end of this month.

More info on the book launch will follow here soon.

Very grateful,




- - -



Start Crowdfunding

Dear visitor of this website,

I would warmly like to invite you to visit the crowdfunding platform


where you can find information on my current project: Re-Relating in Art Practice, a publication. 

For two years, I have been working with other artists and writers on a book that will be self-published at the end of the year. Two funds and many friends and colleagues support me in this project.

Would you like to support, too? Please visit the website via the link above and find out how you can help this book coming into being.


Warm regards,



- - -

Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend @ Studios Borgerstraat
25 and 26 September 2021

During the Groot Rotterdams Atelierweekend, studio 004 opens its doors for the public. 004-collective.net (Dagmar Baumann, Heyer Thurnheer. Kathrin Wolkowicz) is looking forward to your visit.

Sat and Sun 11:00-17:00

Borgerstraat Studios
studio 004
Borgerstraat 24
3027EB Rotterdam, NL


- - -

Passages en passant #2

For an exhibition project at Goethe-Institute Rotterdam, I have teamed up with Marco Douma for putting up a series of shows under the title Passages en passant.

The second show show features works by artists Barbara Helmer and Rachel Carey.

Feel warmly welcome to visit:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10:00-14:30 and on appointment

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam


More information:


- - -

A glimpse of the research project Making the in-between space between artworks speak which has been conducted in spring/summer 2021. The images show the presentation of the outcomes of this working trajectory during the Borgerstraat Open Studios 2021.

This project was made possible with a PPR grant by CBK Rotterdam

- - -




A warm invitation to our annual Open Studios, July 2-4, 2021

004 collective featuring Shardenia Felicia


In a "mode of complementation" we re-define already realized concepts of our different individual artistic practices in order to reset and engage the works for re-opening of formerly drawn singular conclusions. To distil a common, relational and intermediate in-between space. This July, Shardenia Felicia (Curacao-Netherlands) takes the stage. She presents a recent installation with objects and performance that she has built for this occasion as a starting point. We then take on the given setting to resonate with a work.

Shardenia will perform in her installation on Friday at 14:00 and Sunday at 16:00.

Also on view, the findings from my research trajectory Making the in-between space between artworks speak, which was kindly funded by CBK Rotterdam.

Fri/Sat/Sun 11:00 - 19:00
Studios Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, NL


More info on Shardenia´s work:
More info on 004 collective (D. Baumann, H. Thurnheer, K. Wolkowicz)





- - -







Passages en passant #1

For a new exhibition project at Goethe-Institute Rotterdam, I have teamed up with Marco Douma for putting up a series of exhibitions under the title Passages en passant.

The first show features works by artists Fatima Barznge and Mirjam Somers.

Feel warmly welcome to visit!

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10:00-14:30 and on appointment

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014GM Rotterdam


More information:





- - -





My interview with Heyer Thurnheer about his work Corona Protocol Ciphers 2020 has been published in _957 Magazine nr 166.

If you would like to order this beautiful magazine, please contact Heyer Thurnheer: heyer@thurnheer.com or order at http://www.957.ch/Corona_Protokoll.html

_957_Independent Art Magazine, Luzern
Design: Elias Dörig
Editing: Stephan Wittmer
ISSN 2296-3057






- - -





Kunstambassade is a new initiative that reveals a colourful network of studios, mutual connections and solidarity between Rotterdam artists, promoting one-to-one contact and studio visits. I am so glad having been invited to this nice project by artist Sjoerd Westbroek.

Please have a peek at lot of intriguing digital studios at





- - -





Outbuilding/s proudly presents Bérénice Staiger´s book Aan Tafel, summing up her series of meetings around food and memory in 2020 in Wielewaal, Rotterdam Charlois.

Concept and realisation: Bérénice Staiger
Design: Constanca Saraiva
Editing: Clara Bolle
60 copies

Would you like to purchase a copy? Please e-mail Bérénice: info@berenicestaiger.com

Outbuilding/s is a project by Wilma Kun, Bérénice Staiger and Kathrin Wolkowicz. Since a couple of years the three artists contribute with activities, artistic production and living-experience to Charlois, often in the format of events, meetings, meals or exhibitions, involving participants from Charlois and abroad.




- - -




Incredibly happy to hold this copy in my hands: an offspring of the project Befriending Rabot which kept me working 2017-2019 in Rabot, Gent, Belgium.

Marion Andrews, inhabitant of Rabot, typographer and chronicler, self-published this book "Van Rabot naar Rabat". Limited edition, 2020, as tangible version of of her blog where she describes her continuos observations of daily life in the Rabot-Blaisantvest area: https://vriendenvanrabotenblaisantvest.be




- - -




Open Studios Borgerstraat ONLINE


Warmly inviting you to visit the Borgerstraat via our online catalogue:


and online-artist talks by Matti Wim Havens and Bobby Sayers,7.2., 18h



And hope to welcome you at our postponed Open Studios July 2-4, 2021.




- - -





Outbuilding/s - other formats

Wilma, Berenice and Kathrin are currently working on new modes of making the project Outbuilding/s tangible.

Outbuilding/s is an art and neighborhood project initiated by the three artists that took place in the Wielewaal in the summer / fall 2020 with people from Wielewaal, Charlois.

You can find some of the activities here:





- - -




wrapped blue, my contribution to the show THIS IS,
installation view at Hilton Art Lab, 2020

in the back: work by Milou van Ham




- - -





THIS IS ( all there is )

Danni van Amstel – Kathrin Wolkowicz – Milou van Ham –
Arianne van der Gaag – Dagmar Baumann

This title surely is not the expression of disappointment or indifference. It’s more an invitation for ‘Taking it as it is’. No need to look for the narrative, for the meaning behind the work. Everything is there to be captured at the first glance – the clarity of facing the visible, perceiving the actual.
The separate works come along as bold or subtle or almost invisible gestures, but in any form they address a congruency between making and perceiving, both enhancing the little shock of presence, contained in 5 approaches:

stringing tiny pearls into stringy forms by Arianne van der Gaag 

creating a wall-filling description of a sentence, executed with mathematical precision by Milou van Ham 

celebrating the gesture with a pink brushstroke by the hand of Dagmar Baumann 

reformulating the unapparent as a photographic facade - Danni van Amstel

evoking memories of movement, with video screens in translucent paper bags by Kathrin Wolkowicz


Due to the current situation there will be no opening; instead we work with appointments for 3 people max. 

The installation is visible from the street throughout the exhibition-period from October 30th to November 22nd 2020. Please attend to Herman Lamers to make an appointment during the days that the exhibition can be visited: mail to info@hermanlamers.nl

sat 31-10, sun 1-11
13.00 -17.00 hours

fri 6-11, sat 7-11, sun 8-11 - unfortunately on visible from outside
fri 13-11, sat 14-11 sun 15-11 - unfortunately on visible from outside

fri 20-11, sat 21-11 sun 22-11 we are OPEN!! Please make a reservation!
13.00 -17.00 hours

3 persons every half and full hour

Hilton Art Lab  -  Weena-Zuid 16  -  3012 NA Rotterdam




- - -




With pleasure I share with you some BOOK news:

My editorial work for Toine Horver´s book moving - writing is finished and the freshly printed book is now available in Dutch and English.


A selection of 120 of Toine´s performance-works since 1979, concisely translated into words and sentences.

Related texts by Marcus Bergner  Hannes Böhringer  Florian Cramer  Jan Van Den  Dobbelsteen  Nell Donkers  Tim Etchells  Ger Groot  Geert Koevoets Thomas Körtvelyessy  Dom H. van der Laan  Dick Raaijmakers  Jan Laurens Siesling  Sandra Smets  Hans Stevens  ieke Trinks  Samuel Vriezen  Ciel Werts - Emilie Gallier

Editorial guidance by Kathrin Wolkowicz
Translations by Simon Benson  Maaike Trimbach  Samuel Vriezen  Helen Adkins
Graphically designed by Koos Siep
192 pages

Dutch and English edition
ISBN: English edition 9789083003849  Dutch edition 9789083003832
price 20 € + postage, order via toine@toinehorvers.nl


And for more information have a look here:





- - -





Outbuilding/s - Rounding Off

Outbuilding/s is wrapping up the autum-work and looks back on what happened this summer.

We are reviewing our three individual and commen projects, two exhibitions plus some events, amongst others.

We hope to be able to present our outcomes between January and April 2021 in the Wielewaal, Rotterdam Charlois and elsewhere.



- - -



On invitation by artist ieke Trinks, I have been developing a work for the thrift store Gi-Cycle, as part of ieke´s project Precarious Things / Onbestendige Dingen in the framework of Charlois Speciaal, festival of the arts the South of Rotterdam.


drawing of a thing by Rhona Walhof


Art in Charlois' thrift stores


Due to the latest Covid-19 measures, the last 3 presentations of Precarious Things (HOME in the future, How to put it, and Museum for Broken Things) have been postponed until a yet to be determined date.


Gi-Cycle, Katendrechtse Lagedijk, Charlois
* Kathrin Wolkowicz
how to put it
Unparalleled objects from Gi-Cycle form the point of departure for a new performative work that Kathrin Wolkowicz showcases in the shop´s window at announced times.

Onbestendige Dingen (Precarious Things) represents the changing nature of objects that surround us in our everyday environment. It also stands for how we as humans constantly relate ourselves to those objects.
In October, every weekend there are exhibits and activities to attend in one of these Charlois Rotterdam thrift stores. In addition to her own participation, ieke Trinks has invited three other local artists to develop a work or an activity in one of the shops. Furthermore, the music theater collective VOX (also partly locally) is performing two times on location. For each of the artistic contributions, the object - or series of objects - are taken as the starting point, always from a completely different position. KOFI for instance, creates new functional lamps by using discarded objects. Theater group VOX shows us how objects can tell us a lot without the need to speak. Inspired by the SF/Fantasy bookshelf in the store 5314 Vintage, mariëlle verdijk invites you to speculate with her about our domestic life in the year 2220. Kathrin Wolkowicz lets herself being guided by the things in the shop for her performance and installation in the window. And lastly, ieke Trinks asks us to look at objects in their broken state of being.

More information:





- - -







Outbuilding/s - Threefold

Outbuilding/s´ summer project unfolds in the Wielewaal area, Rotterdam.

Currently Wilma Kun, Bérénice Staiger and I are pursuing each our three individual projects "Boeken en Meer", "Aan Tafel" and "Koffie Corner".

For "Koffie Corner", I walk the area following the suggestions for locations by the locals, collecting stories of the the Wielewaal and its inhabitants through summer/autumn 2020.





- - -





Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend @ Studios Borgerstraat
26 and 27 September 27

During the Groot Rotterdams Atelierweekend, studio 004 opens its doors for the public. Dagmar Baumann, Heyer Thurnheer and I are looking forward to your visit.

Open Sat/Sun 11:00 - 17:00
Studios Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam

For more info: www.grootrotterdamsatelierweekend.nl



- - -





Linings is the second exhibition of Outbuilding /s, an art- and neighbourhood project by Bérénice Staiger, Wilma Kun and Kathrin Wolkowicz, that takes place in the Wielewaal in the summer/fall 2020. As a successor to the exhibition The Red Line last June, Linings presents artworks that turn the inside out.
In this exhibition, Outbuilding/s presents works by Niki Murphy, Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, Janine Schrijver and Heyer Thurnheer.

location: Growing Space, corner Eelkmanstraat & Marjoleinstraat, Wielewaal, Rotterdam Zuid

Outbuilding/s is made possible by Charlois Kapitaal and Growing Space, supported by CBK Rotterdam and Stichting NAC.



- - -




Publieke Werken posters at Rotterdam Library
since August 2020


Rotterdam Library presents 4 posters from the initiative Publieke Werken.

Together with works by Frank Hanswijk, Dirk van Lieshout and Heyer Thurnheer, my poster found a marvellous place on wall in the art section of the Central Library. With many thanks to Tonio de Roover.

How to find the works:
4th floor of the Rotterdam Central Library
Hoogstraat 110, 3011PV Rotterdam




- - -






AppendiX@Goethe Institut
13.07.-17.08.2020 ---- extended till 13.09.2020


On invitation by AppendiX my poster work "a lake" will be presented during the summer break in one of the Goethe Institute´s windows, accompanied by Marco Douma´s work next window.

Visit anytime and stay as long as you like!

Windows left of the main entrance of the
Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014 GM Rotterdam

Please visit also:



Extended view of Kunstfenster, Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, till13.09.2020





- - -






Publieke Werken
09.07. till 09.08.2020
advertisement boards, several locations in Rotterdam

This Rotterdam initiative posted an Open Call for artworks to be presented as posters in public space; a wonderful gesture in response to times of scarcity of cultural events.

My poster is placed next to the motorway onramp at Kleinpolderplein, Rotterdam, on the Den Haag Side.

You can find a list of participants and locations here:




- - -




Outbulding/s´ first event: The Red Line. 5 works of 5 artists in this exhibition to be imagined by the descriptions and insight views provided by the tour guides (Wilma, Bérénice and Kathrin).

We are so glad about this wonderful weekend with so many curious visitors and supporters! Thank you all for making this exhibition coming into life!



- - -



Outbuilding/s @ GROWING SPACE

June 20 and 21, 2020 during SOUTH EXPLORER

Outbuilding/s is a project by Wilma Kun, Bérénice Staiger and Kathrin Wolkowicz. Since a couple of years the three artists contribute with activities, artistic production and living-experience to Charlois, often in the format of events, meetings, meals or exhibitions, involving participants from Charlois and abroad.

During South Explorer 2020, Outbuilding rolls out with the event
The Red Line hosted by Growing Space in the beautiful Wielewaal area on
June 20 and 21, 2020. We are thrilled to present works by Wilma Kun, Niki Murphy, Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, Bérénice Staiger and Heyer Thurnheer.


Outbuilding/s : The Red Line

At the crossing Marjoleinstraat and Eelkmanstraat, Wielewaal, Rotterdam South,
hosted by Growing Space (Carmen José and Kamiel Verschuren)

Saturday June 20th, 13-17h
Sunday June 21st, 13-17h

Note: In case of rain or storm the show cannot be visited.

Outbuilding/s is made possible by Charlois Kapitaal and Growing Space, supported by CBK Rotterdam and Stichting NAC.




- - -




_ 9 5 7   I . A . M .     # 1 0 0 _ TOWN HO _ ON TOUR
Opening: 26th June, 18.00
open daily 14 - 19 till July 4th, 2020

la rada, via della Morettina 2, Locarno// www.larada.ch




- - -





Opening 13.03.2020, 18:00


On occasion of the 100th edition the independent art magazine _957, 100 artists have been invited by Stephan Widmer to create an artwork in response to nr #100. My contribution will be presented amongst others during the release of 100_TOWN-Ho on Friday 13th March in Lucerne, Switzerland.

B74 Raum für Kunst / Baselstrasse 74, 6003 Lucerne, CH




- - -




004 collective at Open Studios Borgerstraat
Dagmar Baumann, Heuer Thurnheer, Kathrin Wolkowicz


004 collective warmly invites you to its new installative exhibition, on display during the Borgerstraat Open Studios at studio 004.
We would be thrilled to welcome you there during February 7-9, 2020!

Open Studios Borgerstraat
Opening 07.02.2020, 16:00

Fri-Sun 11:00-19:00
Borgerstraat 24, 3027EB Rotterdam



- - -




Art in Context
004 collective in conversation
28.01.2020, 19:00

In the framework of her current show Who is afraid of the audience at Huis der Zotheid, 004 collective invites you to a conversation on the work currently on display. Chaired by Bjorn de Leeuw.


Huis der Zotheid, Haringvliet 401, NL-3011 ZP, Rotterdam



- - -




Rivapiana. The Motel (1972-2018). Eine Hommage.
Opening 11.01.2020, 17:00


Othmar+Rita Eder / Arianna Giorgi / Thomas Krempke / Sara Rossi / Pat Treyer / Christoph Ullmann / Judit Villiger / Letizia Werth / Stephan Wittmer / Kathrin Wolkowicz+Andrée Julika Tavàares / Jean-Marc Yersin

Together with the artist Andrée Julika Tavàres I developed the installation "from the back of a speaker" consisting of photos and audio, spread in parts throughout the exhibition space.

Rathaus für Kultur, Hauptgasse 12, CH-9620 Lichtensteig


- - -



004 collective : Who is afraid of the audience
Opening 05.01.2020, 16:00-18:00


We are an exhibition collective of three individually practicing artists, named after studio number 004 where we coincidentally met and presented our works during the Borgerstraat Open Studio Exhibitions, a side program to the Art Rotterdam since 2015.
Some might know us also as initiators and organizers of the Borgerstraat Publication Collective with annual publishing activities including booklets, newspaper and digital publishing formats between 2015-2019.

Please find more information over 004 here:



Huis der Zotheid, Haringvliet 401, NL-3011 ZP, Rotterdam



- - -



photo: Manuela Porceddu

Premiere of the performance "elide" on 23.11.2019 at PiPe Festival






PiPe Pictura Performance Festival

I am extremely happy to be part of Pictura´s Performance Festival PiPe and to present my performance "elide" as well as the intervention piece "simpering".

Location: Pictura, Voorstraat 190, Dordrecht

Here is the complete schedule of the festival:



- - -



still working in Rabot conducting the project "Befriending Rabot"

view on Tondelier building area





- - -






With pleasure I have been editing Toine Horvers´ new book
"liggen" (lying)..

It will be presented at Leeszaal Rotterdam West, 29.09.2019 at 17:00 with Arnold Schalks, Hugo Bongers and Guus Vreeburg.

Here you find more information on the book:

In case you´d like to buy a copy
(Dutch or English version or both)
please contact Toine:



- - -



I am pleased to introduce the artist book "ZamZam" by Fatima Barznge
at the occasion of her solo exhibition at galerie Sanaa. Opening word
by Patty Wageman.
Feel welcome to join us for the launch of ZamZam, a book project that
I have been advising, featuring Fatima´s works and a wonderful
text by Heleen Schröder.

opening 31.08.2019, 16:00-20:00

Galerie SANAA, Jansdam 2, 3512 HB Utrecht





- - -




Côte d'Azur?

Snapshot from my ongoing project "Befriending Rabot"




- - -




´Operatic Chanting #1 / Swarming Chants´

Together with Julien Grossmann, Michiel Huijben, Gerwin Luijendijk and Cora Schmeiser I have been performing pieces by Jan Adriaans in the framework "Post Opera".

V2 Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam

more info:





- - -




My project Befriending Rabot extends into 2019.

A year of making observations, doing research, meeting people, establishing commons - the working together part is starting...




- - -




New works informed by working period in Rabot, Gent. View at Borgerstraat Open Studios 2019

left: minus one park, right; circular sound




- - -




Proud to present the freshly launched website in-proximity-to-the-arts.nl

as part of the Borgerstraat Collective´s 2019 publication


with inspiring texts by

Liesbeth Babel, Marcus Bergner, Stefano Calligaro, Stijn Van Dorpe, Lotte van Geijn, Susana Pedrosa , Kamiel Verschuren, Eva Visser, Heyer Thurnheer, Sjoerd Westbroek, Lavinia Xausa, Markus Zimmermann

on initiative by
Heyer Thurnheer and Kathrin Wolkowicz




- - -




Open Studios Borgerstraat
Opening 16:00
Publication Launch 17:30

At the occasion of the 6th Open Studios Borgerstraat we will present our 5th publication.
Feel warmly welcome and join us for opening at 16:00 and publication launch including a website at 17:30!

Fri-Sun 11:00-19:00

Borgerstraat 24, 3027EB Rotterdam



- - -



photo: Elias Dörig


Fifth Edition - our brand new Borgerstraat publication 2019

participating artists

Fatima Barznge, Dagmar Baumann, Mieke Borgdorff, Peter Dijkshoorn, Annelies de Greef, Sebastian Haquin, Barbara Helmer, Fenneke Hordijk, Aletta de Jong, Sigmund de Jong, Rei Kakiuchi, Johan Kleinjan, Lisa Kuglitsch, Wilma Kun, Marjan Laaper, Petra Laaper, Leendert van der Meer, Henriëtte Meijer, Ralph van Meijgaard, Julie Müller, Marc Müller, Astrid de Pauw, PQI (Patricia Qi), Collette Rayner, Zsombor Sáli, Niels Smits van Burgst, Heyer Thurnheer, Peter Vianen, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Flora Valeska Woudstra

with reflections by

Marco Aperti, Marijke Appelman, Dagmar Baumann, Hugo Bongers, Felix Dorer, Laurien Dumbar, Gritta Ewald, Milou van Ham, Maike Hemmers, Maria Ikonomopoulou, Frans van Lent, Gerwin Luijendijk, Astrid de Pauw, Devon Reid, Heleen Schröder, Eva Visser, Flora Woudstra

and writers for the website in-proximity-to-the-arts

Liesbeth Babel, Marcus Bergner, Stefano Calligaro, Stijn Van Dorpe, Lotte van Geijn, Susana Pedrosa , Kamiel Verschuren, Eva Visser, Heyer Thurnheer, Sjoerd Westbroek, Lavinia Xausa, Markus Zimmermann

designed by

Elias Dörig, cino.ch


- - -



Grote Portretten Galerij
18.11.- 16.12.2018
FINISSAGE 16.12.2018

This project of Pictura, drawing association of Dordrecht, aims to portray 100 inhabitants of Dordrecht by 100 artists in remembrance of the Synod of Dort 400 years ago.

I will be showing a new work that emerged from a series of conversations with the model I was assigned to, Sophie Verhey.

Sophie and I will also participate in a talk on November 25th, 15:00, a Sunday afternoon at Pictura. The talks will be held in Dutch. Feel warmly welcome!

Tue-Sun 13:00-17:00

Voorstraat 190, Dordrecht






- - -





Befriending Rabot

Belgian artist Stijn van Dorpe invited me to participate in his project for ´Piloot project Tondelier´.
My participation in this long term of project is based on regular visits and meetings with the inhabitants of Rabot, a district of the city of Gent, Belgium.

This project is made possible with the support of piloot.co

supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)

and nurtured by the exchange with Stijn van Dorpe,
curated by Daniëlle van Zuijlen




- - -




Conversas Rotterdam @ SHIMMER

An evening with 3 conversations: Verena Hahn, Pedro Zuzarte, Kathrin Wolkowicz.

Within the informal setting of Conversas Rotterdam, I would like to share experiences and possible outcomes of my project Befriending Rabot with the inhabitants of the Rabot-district in Gent.

This conversation takes place at SHIMMER:

former RET building
Waalhaven Oostzijde 1
3087 BM Rotterdam

Please find more information soon here:





- - -




The 2nd of November has been a wonderful evening and I would like to thank everyone for coming! The programming has been a pleasure!


- all photos by Gerwin Luijendijk -


Heyer Thurnheer - Biography and reconstruction of an artists´s life 1-324

GJ de Rook - Nee.

Toine Horvers - Writing lecture

Patricia Pluijmers - approaching the shortest day

Marcus Bergner - One Word

Rachel Carey - Washed Away

Kathrin Wolkowicz - musical review







Doors 20:00, start 20:30

For Performance aan de Laan, Gerwin Luijendijk´s series of performance evenings in Rotterdam South, I curated an evening with performances around spoken/written word:

Considering autobiography an account to the life of oneself which events, happenings, incidents, coincidences would we draw attention to? How do we reflect on our own life as becoming? In this process, can we recall, review or reinterpret and therefore rewrite one's own history?
This evening is an attempt to make, play and interpret modes of self-reading and self-referentiation. We would like to invite you to attend a consenting piece, a sound with a painting, a writing lecture, an expert's opinion, a phased reading, a musical revue and an other-piece.
With contributions by Marcus Bergner, Rachel Carey, Toine Horvers, PQI (Patricia Pluijmers), G.J. de Rook, Heyer Thurnheer and Kathrin Wolkowicz


reservation s.v.p. due to limited seats: mail to gluijendijk@hotmail.com

Theater Aan de Laan
Dordtselaan 19
3073 GN Rotterdam




- - -





Distance, stay close. Out of arm´s length it begins to look like war. A strong definite lead on the other hand avoids getting too rough. Move well so you can think of something else or carry on a conversation. Act all the time like glass reaching out for a hand. Share flatness as the table does. Direct brute openness to form because everything that breaks up builds relations. Bake a key.

An exhibition on interrelational conditions and affections. From organisms and things, among blood bonds and adoration, between internalized thinking, projection and censorship – we are linked and connected; we position ourselves towards others and things, groups and mechanisms, acting on suggestions or abandoning ourselves to an impulse. What are those encounters / these touches to one or the many; and what does the in-between offer? What makes us move or feel for? A walk with ideals and estrangement, orientation and dissipation.

Curated by Kathrin Wolkowicz



OnArte, Via San Gottardo 139, 6648 Minusio, CH
open Tuesday-Saturday 14:00-18:00



opening speech

opening performance by Eric Philippoz

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Laura De Bernardi

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Esmée Valk

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Myriam van Imschoot

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Andrée Tavares

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Gerwin Luijendijk

exhibition view That Fabric Between Us : work by Kathrin Wolkowicz




- - -



Waited for the Fish Corner
06.07.2018 - 08.09.2018
Opening 06.07.2018, 19:00

Groupshow at Hommes in Rotterdam Charlois. I am showing a new work at the Fish Corner, Wolphaertsbocht 21 - a three minutes walk from the gallery.

Participating artists: Anke Huyben, Anne van As, Anne van Eck, Anton Vrede, Astrid de Pauw, Barbara Helmer, Conny Beneden, Diana Roig, Driessens & Van den Baar, Efrat Zehavi, Elco Verschoof, Erwin Keustermans, Fatima Barznge, Françoise Magrangeas, Giuseppe Licari, Heleen Schröder, Inez Smit, Inge Aanstoot, Ingrid van der Hoeven, Jaap Verheul, Jouke Kleerebezem, Kamiel Verschuren, Karin Trenkel, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Kees Touw, Lidy Jacobs, Marit Dik, Marguerite de Geus, Nina Boas, Paco Dalmau, Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa, Piet Rogie, Pim van Halem, Q.S. Serafijn, Ralf Kokke, Robin Kolleman, Rolina Nell, Sabrina Basten, Sander Zweerts de Jong, Svetlana Prigoditch, Ties ten Bosch, Tilly Heyster, Yoshiyuki Koinuma

Hommes gallery: Kerksingel 14, 3082 DA Rotterdam
Fish Corner: Wolphaertsbocht 21, 3082 AB Rotterdam




- - -




Secret Garden
08.06.2018 - 10.06.2018, 13:00 –18:00
Opening 07.06.2018, 18:00-20:00

Wielewaal is an area in Charlois, Rotterdam, with an astonishing rural vibrancy. Serving an urgent housing need after World War II, it was initially intended as a temporary settlement. In the course of urban development, plans have been laid out that foresee a replacement of the single-storey houses with multi-level buildings. Though half of the area´s houses have already been deserted, Wielewaal could still be considered a paradise with beautiful gardens, a considerable variety of birds, flowers and small animals.
Five artists are drawing on the concept of garden in the transitional situation of this settlement. Their works are shown in an apartment characteristic of this neighbourhood.



Arnoudstraat 55, 3082 PA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This exhibition is part of the festival Charlois Speciaal and

supported by CBK Rotterdam



- - -



Borgerstraat Publication 2018

The fourth edition of the Borgerstraat Magazine has been printed!

This year we developed the publication together with 5upleft and stunning photos by Lavinia Xausa. The publication consists of a booklet accompanied by a newspaper. With text-contributions by Godelieve Spaas, Henk Borgdorff, Josephine Baan, Bérénice Staiger and Katja Langeland. The publication will be presented during the Open Studios at Borgerstraat, 9-11 February 2018. Feel warmly invited to visit!




- - -


Borgerstraat Open Studios 2018
09.02.2018 - 11.02.2018, 11:00 –19:00
Opening 09.02.2018, 16:00 by Godelieve Spaas

National and international artists present their work at the SKAR studio building. The 2018 Open Studios Borgerstaat 24 is located a five-minute walk from the Van Nelle Factory, the main centre of the Rotterdam Art Fair.
During this fourth edition of Open Studios, 25 artists open their ateliers to the public. Also 23 invited guest artists and selected graduate students from the Willem de Kooning Academy will present their work. Moreover there will be a side program of artist talks and projects in-, under- and around the building. More information see website and facebook page below.


Open Studios, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, The Netherlands





- - -




Performance at Wallgallery
during the finissage of "High Grounds" on 28.01.2018

At the finissage of Hieke Pars´s show "High Grounds" I presented a new performance piece using Hieke´s installation as backdrop. Also performing that afternoon: Toine Horvers.


Wallgallery, Wijnbrugstraat 330, 3011XW Rotterdam


- - -



Song-Ming Ang and Julien Grossmann invited me to participate in their project Dusk to Dawn Choruses.

Performance view at Het Wilde Weten: Michiel Huijben, Milou van Ham, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Song-Ming Ang, Jan Adriaans, Julien Grossmann.




Dusk To Dawn Choruses
doors open 20:00, performance at 20:30

Dusk to Dawn Choruses is the first iteration of Julien Grossmann and Song-Ming Ang's research into the various forms and definitions of the chorus. From the ancient Greek chorus to modern telecommunications companies (Chorus Limited), and from morning birdsongs (dawn choruses) to the humming of Chorus Motors (Borealis Exploration), the project is a musical journey into what a chorus could be.
The outcome of a five-day workshop with an ensemble of five performers from Rotterdam, the evening's program features a range of musical experiments based on instructional scores and compositions in which the voice occupies a central place.


Het Wilde Weten, Robert Fruinstraat 35, Rotterdam



- - -




Travel Exhibition : Himmelszeiten und Jahresrichtungen
Print and Book Studio Druckfeld, Görlitz, Germany
September 2017

As part of the spring series of Travelling Exhibition, my book palm cities travels with Manuela Büchting´s project deerpress.




- - -


This summer I curated a show at OnArte, platform for contemporary art in Locarno. On July 22nd 2017, "Lungs of Sugar", a show on ornament and sound opened, featuring video, drawing and installation by Gianfranco Baruchello, Fatima Barznge, Andrea Callard, Rachel A. Carey, Gianluca Monnier and Markus Zimmermann, with a contribution by Nicole Rampazzi. Thanks to everyone involved for the unbelievable support!

opening speech in Italian and English (G.Monnier/K.Wolkowicz)



exhibition view Lungs of Sugar : work by Gianluca Monnier



exhibition view Lungs of Sugar : work by Markus Zimmermann



exhibition view Lungs of Sugar : work by Andrea Callard



exhibition view Lungs of Sugar : works by Rachel Carey and Fatima Barznge



exhibition view Lungs of Sugar : works by Fatima Barznge and Rachel Carey


exhibition view Lungs of Sugar : work by Gianfranco Baruchello


guided tour 04.08.2017




11.07.2017 - 19.08.2017
Opening: 22.07.2017, 18:00

A chant or call. Who is speaking? Harp or wire that makes sounds. Branches. Stretched out twigs yield forms and scapes. Land is veiled. Land is vain and vertical. Land is braid. Land is lost and gained. Land is brittle, bold and frayed. Active longings tendrilise. 

The show “Lungs of Sugar” dedicates a stage to sound and ornament. It wishes to approach their qualities - repetition, adornment and processuality - in relation to notions of artistic production, spatio-temporal perception as well as positioning towards our surroundings.





- - -




Travel Exhibition : Seasons & Directions
Book Arts Library at Massey College, U. of Toronto, Canada
May - August 2017

As part of the spring series of Travelling Exhibition, my book palm cities travels with Manuela Büchting´s project deerpress.




- - -




One of the four paintings of the series dimm. Two pictures below you can see its installation together with newspaper cut-outs by Dagmar Baumann, as presented during Borgerstraat Open Studios 2017.



- - -





Talk On - New Entrepeneurial Attitudes in
Art and Society by self-organised communities

studio 004, Borgerstraat 24, Rotterdam
11.02.2017, 15:00

A conversation between Godelieve Spaas, Ralph van Meijgaard, Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, Stephan Wittmer, Sjoerd Westbroek and Kathrin Wolkowicz, moderated by Dagmar Baumann, coordination Heyer Thurnheer.





- - -




Borgerstraat Open Studios 2017
10.02.2017 - 12.02.2017, 11:00 –19:00
Opening 10.02.2017, 16:00 by Anke Bangma and Olof van de Wal

National and international artists present their work at the SKAR studio building. The 2017 Open Studios Borgerstaat 24 is located a five-minute walk from the Van Nelle Factory, the main centre of the Rotterdam Art Fair 2017.
During this fourth edition of Open Studios, 23 artists open their ateliers to the public. Also 25 invited guest artists and selected graduate students from the Willem de Kooning Academy will present their work. Moreover there will be a side program of artist talks and projects.

We will present the third edition of the well-illustrated Borgerstraat Magazine. Eleven questions are answered by various artists under the title ‘What do we want to know’. This year the magazine consists of two separate booklets that form one publication-object.

Open Studios, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, The Netherlands



- - -




At the same place by coincidence
10.12.2016 - 21.01.2017

Opening 10.12.2016, 17:00
Introduction by Flaminio Gualdoni
reading from schoolbook by Kathrin Wolkowicz
The third landscape by Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa

De Bernardi Laura, Togni Gianmario, Baumann Dagmar, Smits van Burgst Niels, Kun Wilma, van Meijgaard Ralph, Pars Hieke, Pinheiro de Sousa Patrícia, Rietveld Gert, Westbroek Sjoerd, Wolkowicz Kathrin, Murer Pascal e Doborjginidze Nino; curated by Heyer Thurnheer

The comprehensive installation and multimedia exhibition ´At the same place by coincidence´ goes back to acquaintances among artists wih a wide variety of practices referring to perception phenomena, philosophy and contemporary societal contexts. They met at the Locarno region during the exhibition festivals Interazioni (2004–2006) and in Rotterdam during Open Studio exhibitions (2012–2016), presented alongside Art Rotterdam and collaborative publications.


Via San Gottardo 139, 6648 Minusio, CH – Swizerland


- - -


Der studentische Raum
12.12.2016, 19:00

My video aha zwei katzen alle beide grau will be shown as part of the filmprogram ´Der Studentische Raum´ curated by Derhoske and Jana Doell within a series of film evenings, RAUM [und ZEIT] (2).

With films by Tom Schön, Julia Loste, Walter Hettich, Volker Schreiner, Per Ole Schmidt, Katharina Timner, Nikolaus Gojowczyk, Mike Oelschläger, Thomas Bartels & Martin Hansen and Björn Melhus

HBK Braunschweig, Filmstudio, Johannes-Selenka-Platz 1,
38118 Braunschweig, Germany


- - -


Season´s - artist books from the four phases of the year
CBBAG GTA / Taylor and Beatty Bookbinding Studio, Toronto, Canada
11.08.2016, 19:00

Travel Exhibition and Evening Talk about Artists´ Books
The Box of Delights Bookshop, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
17.08.2016, 19:00

Travel Exhibition, Reading and Showing
LEXICON BOOKS, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
1.08.2016, 19:00

As part of the spring series of Travelling Exhibition, my book palm cities was presented together with the other editions of deerpress, run by Manuela Büchting.




- - -





Before the begin of summer, the sound piece with straw and the slide installation as snow have been finished. The image above shows the presentation view at Peach (in the front a work by Rachel Carey) and the picture below the installation at gallery PARTners, Rotterdam.












10.06.2016 - 10.07.2016
Opening 10.06.2016, 18:00

Rachel Carey´s show ´Liquidate´ at Peach exhibition space is on display in the framework of Charlois Speciaal, a festival and exhibition program in the south of Rotterdam. Rachel invited Karyn Carey for advice and me for a contribution to her show, and I am happy to invite you to the opening on June 10th at 18:00!

The exhibition continues until the 10th of July by appointment only. If you want to see the show, send an email to: peachopposite@gmail.com

PEACH, Grondherendijk 9B, 3082 DD Rotterdam, The Netherlands



- - -



15.06.2016, 15:00-16:00

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) is a streaming platform for artists working with audio, musicians and DJ's based in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Artist Joshua Thies, founder of this project, invited me transmit an hour of sound for this project.

In the archive you can find the registration of this Wednesday session;


Please follow further future sessions at mixlr coming up next month!



- - -




28.05.2016 - 19.06.2016
Performances: 28.05. and 29.05.2016, 14:00

Marianne Grootenboer who is part of the NE studio complex at Noordereiland invited me to participate in the group exhibition "Double Talents" which brings together works by visual artists having an affinity with texs in different realms. Feel warmly invited to the opening weekend with two afternoons of readings, performances and music as well as an exhibition:

28.05. 14:00 Bas Kwakman, Jan de Grauw, Henk de Bont, Jeanne Rombouts. 29.05. 14:00 Hans Wap, Marianne Grootenboer, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Gilbert van Drunen.

The show features works by Henk de Bont, Jan de Grauw, Marianne Grootenboer, Gilbert van Drunen, Rita Knuistingh Neven, Jeanne Rombouts, Bas Kwakman and Hans Wap.

On May 28 and 29, the show is open from 13:00-18:00. Please note: from 31.05. till 19.06. visits can be made on appointment only. Please call 0031-621224520.

PARTners galerie, Prins Hendrikstraat 5, 3071 LG Rotterdam, The Netherlands



- - -





At the beginning of this year I finished three new works, ti li ti (existing as slide show and/or audio installation) and the poster sommer vor mich hin (summer to yourself). The image above shows the presentation view at the show By the artists themselves as responsible entity for the production of art, Studios Borgerstraat, Rotterdam


- - -


talk with audience
13.02.2016, 1 p.m.

Bérénice Staiger and Oana Clitan organize Conversas and invited me to contribute to one of their sessions together with the artist Heyer Thurnheer. On occasion of the freshly printed Borgerstraat Publication, By the artists themselves as responsible entity for the production of art, we will talk and exchange about Open Collaboration.

Open Studios, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, The Netherlands


- - -


By the artists themselves as responsible entity
for the production of art

12.02.2016 - 14.02.2016, 11.00 –19.00
Opening 12.02.2016, 4 p.m.

A presentation of 41 national and international artists in the SKAR studio building at Borgerstraat 24 in Rotterdam, at a five minute walk from Art Rotterdam.
During this 3rd edition of Open Studios, 22 Borgerstraat artists, 19 guest artists of Rotterdam based art-initiatives and selected alumni of Willem the Kooning Academy will present their works. Please note the side program of artist-talks and with-audience-questions as well.

Open Studios, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, The Netherlands


- - -


dicussion with Katja Langeland, K25
28.01.2016, 4 p.m.

Katja Langeland, friend and artist, writer, curator and mother invited me to have a Skype-Talk on the occasion of the newly launched art space K25 in Luzerne for which Katja is a member of the curatorial committee. Katja and me will exchange, amongst other things, about our activities as artists, editors, initiators and multiple taskers.

The conversation will be held in German and can be followed by visiting
K25, Kellerstraße 25, CH-6003 Luzerne, Switzerland



- - -


foto credit: Florian Cramer


Arf Arf & Friends
multi-voiced sound performance
01.11.2015, 16:00

Arf Arf is a Melbourn based artist collective working with experimental film, sound and poetry. Arf Arf is touring through Europe in October 2015, and Sunday afternoon, first of November, Arf Arf will perform seated around the table with guest performers from Rotterdam at Wallgallery: Mariëtte Groot / Florian Cramer, G.J. Derook, Myriam van Imschoot, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Vanita and Joe Monk, Peter Fengler and Toine Horvers.
Wallgallery, Wijnbrugstraat 330, 3011XW Rotterdam, by reservation only



- - -



_____ office
11.10.15 – 24.10.15, Wednesday to Friday 14.00-19.00, Saturday 11.00-16.00
Opening 11.10. 2015, 11:00, Finissage 24.10.2015, 11:00

´blank office´ converts an exhibition space into a temporary office with works on paper. Manuela Büchting shows her ongoing artist-book-publishing, amongst other works. Katja Langeland moves her desk into to this office to work in the presence of visitors and discuss her projects, and I contribute book-objects and other time based media.
Erfrischungsraum, Rössligasse 12, CH-6004 Luzern



- - -

My new book bobbin is finished. Watercolour on paper, monoprint.

- - -


Golven (Waves)
multi-voiced sound performance
23.04.2015, 19:00

I participated as a performer in Toine Horver´s piece Golven. Golven is based on a hand-written observation of the waves at Inis Oírr, Ireland. Initally performed as a single person performance, Golven was be performed as a multi-voice-piece at Croxhapox, Ghent.
Lucas Munichstraat 76/82, 9000 Gent, Belgium, www.croxhapox.org



- - -


Point of View
06.03.15, start 20:00 (as a loop)

Videoscreening organized by Wilma Kun on the occasion of The Machinist´s 5th anniversary. My video "amongst roses" will be presented together with works by Deirdre Donoghue FI - John Giskes NL - Christian Hansen DK - Toine Horvers NL - Robin Kolleman NL - Wilma Kun BR/IT - Gil & Moti IL/NL - Gert Rietveld NL - SpOp /Marit Shalem IL/NL & Lenno Verhoog NL - Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa PT - Karin Rianne Westendorp NL.
Filmzaal @ De Machinist, Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3024 BK Rotterdam


- - -


The Flip Collection V
22.01.15 – 14.02.15, Thursday to Sunday 12.00-18.00, or by appointment
Opening 23 January 2015, 19.00 – 22.00

My new book "labor" premiers at a presentation of flip-books parallel to the 44th Rotterdam Filmfestival IFFR.
PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, 3014 ZV Rotterdam, The Netherlands

labor, 2015


- - -


At the same Place by Coincidence
06.02.2015 - 08.02.2015, 11.00 –19.00
Opening 06.02.2015, 16.00 – 21.00

A presentation of 35 national and international artists in the SKAR studio building at Borgerstraat 24 in Rotterdam.
"yourself so", a recently finished book of mine as well as other works will be presented in my shared studio 004 together with works by Dagmar Baumann and Heyer Thurnheer.
There is a also freshly printed booklet available about the artists working in the Borgerstraat studio-building.
Open Studios, Borgerstraat 24, 3027 EB Rotterdam, The Netherlands


yourself so, 2014


- - -


CITY LODGE Een beeld- en geluidprogramma
Friday 23.01.2015, 8pm

A filmprogram compiled by Jos Deuss & Geerten Ten Bosch, including my video baba jaga.
Logde 222, Kuipershaven 155, 3311 AM, Dordrecht, The Netherlands


- - -


Travel Exhibition Gathering
November 16, 2014, 6pm
at Mon Ton Window Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

My book palm cities is presented together with the other editions of deer
´ travelling book projects, run by the artist Manuela Büchting.

For more information please visit: deerpress.com/Travelling-Exhibition


palm cities, 2014 (folded)